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Whether you’re a resident about to take your first job with a hospital or a seasoned veteran MD about to join a private clinic with an equity structure, VK Firm can be an integral part of the process.

We can provide a Review of an agreement, identify red flags and negotiation points, we can step in and negotiate with potential employer or hospital, or clinic. We can also review your Recruiters contract and equity structure for peace of mind and make sure you’re protected.


What our clients have to say about VK Firm's services in physical employment representation.

Here to be your guide through employment.

Although joining a new practice or a hospital is usually mutually beneficial relationship and a lot is built on trust rather than legalese, its important to get things reviewed to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

And you can tailor our involvement to suit your individual needs, because you don’t’ always need a lawyer to negotiate for you. You guys are doctors. you’re more than capable of doing it on your own. But not all situations are the same, and we’re always happy to jump in and take care of it, while you do what you do best: Save lives.

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